Company background

The plant was built in 1961 as a base platform for construction of OJSC "Nevinnomyssky AZOT". Before privatization in 1991, it was part of the system "GlavStavropolStroy MinYugStroy RF".

The plant is located in northern part of Nevinnomyssk industrial zone, near the territory of OJSC "Nevinnomyssky AZOT" and occupies the space with the area of 10 hectares.

In the territory there are own railway access roads. The nearest railway station – Nevinnomyssk.

Federal highway "Rostov – Baku" passes within two kilometer from the plant.

Number of workers – 215 persons, including engineers and technicians – 30 persons, 120 persons in production, 75 persons in installation. The professional level of leading experts with higher vocational education is very high. Staff structure of shop workers – highly skilled, qualified for performance of responsible works. Technical capabilities for manufacture of metal structures are 250 tons per month with parallel installation.

We have a possibility to develop drawings of steel structures details by Industrial Engineering Department.


In the territory of the plant there are:

  1. Industrial buildings.
  2. Three-storeyed office building attached to the mechanical shop (in 2001 complete renovation was performed in the whole building).
  3. Auxiliary premises.
  4. Open warehouse of metal rolling.
  5. Open areas for performance of assembly-welding operations of large-sized products – three units with total area of 3000 sq.m.
  6. Boiler-house: three boilers ДГФ-721 with capacity 0,7 t of steam per hour. Three boilers are in reserve in the warehouse for future periods.
  7. Compressor station: three compressors are installed (two operable, one – reserve).
  8. Transformer substation: number of power feeders – 2 (two). Number of transformers – 2 (two), their total capacity 1190 kw/hour.
  9. Communications:
    • Gas – total consumption on the average 200000 m3 per year;
    • Water supply and sewerage.


The plant has all necessary process facilities for performance of the abovementioned types of activity. Lifting, moving of cargoes in closed premises is performed by overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 5,2 t, frame cranes with lifting capacity from 2,0 to 5,0 t. Metal warehouse is served by full gantry crane with lifting capacity of 18,0 t and is capable to accept for storage simultaneously 10000 t of rolled metal products. Open areas are served by column cranes with lifting capacity of 7,0 t. Basic activities of the plant are manufacture and installation of steel structures, metal molds for ferroconcrete products and various non-standard equipment. The basic process equipment for production of this range of products are: guillotine shears, plate-bending, plate-straightening rollers, gas-cutting machines, machines for automatic and semi-automatic welding, metal-cutting equipment, press-forging facilities are in good technical condition. By quantitative and qualitative condition of the equipment, availability of production spaces, the production capacity of the enterprise is formed according to the specified information.